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Issues Configuring Git Difftool on Mac

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  • Issues Configuring Git Difftool on Mac

    When trying to use git difftool on my Macbook Pro (Mavericks) i am only seeing the current version of the file on the right and not the original version.

    my git version is: (Apple Git-47)

    When configured to use Kaleidescope, the diff works fine. But not with BC4. I also tried copying the same settings as Kaleidescope to BC4 but it still did not work.

    Could someone provide a working git config for Mac Mavericks? Also, would be nice if this could be auto-configured as Kaleidescope does.

    Below is a copy of my git config:

    name = Matt Davis
    email = [email protected]
    [difftool "Kaleidoscope"]
    cmd = ksdiff --partial-changeset --relative-path \"$MERGED\" -- \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\"
    [difftool "bc3"]
    cmd = bcompare \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\"
    trustExitCode = true
    prompt = false
    tool = bc3
    excludesfile = /Users/mattcdavis1/.gitignore_global
    [mergetool "Kaleidoscope"]
    cmd = ksdiff --merge --output \"$MERGED\" --base \"$BASE\" -- \"$LOCAL\" --snapshot \"$REMOTE\" --snapshot
    trustExitCode = true
    prompt = false
    keepBackup = false
    tool = Kaleidoscope
    ui = true
    [difftool "sourcetree"]
    cmd = opendiff \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\"
    path =
    [mergetool "sourcetree"]
    cmd = /Applications/ \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\" -ancestor \"$BASE\" -merge \"$MERGED\"
    trustExitCode = true
    windowMemory = 100m
    SizeLimit = 100m
    threads = 1

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    You will need to use the Beyond Compare menu -> Install Command Line Tools to get the necessary bcomp and bcompare tools. Beyond will not work well from a VCS. We have Git (and other examples) here:
    Aaron P Scooter Software