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  • SVN issue

    Beyond Compare Version 4.0 beta (build 17677) on Windows.

    I had these issues when trying to use svn integration. I added the repository URL, then tried to use the profile. I tried several times. On my first few attempts Beyond Compare would just hang, with no error messages, and I had to kill the process from Task Manager. Then it stopped hanging and instead produced this error:

    2014/03/10 13:45:36 Unable to load <our svn url>: svn: E215004: Authentication failed and interactive prompting is disabled; see the --force-interactive option
    svn: E215004: Unable to connect to a repository at URL '<our svn url>'
    svn: E215004: No more credentials or we tried too many times.
    Authentication failed

    When I saw that error I added --username <my username> and --password <my password> to the URL, then tried again and it prompted me for a username and password, which it then wouldn't accept. Subsequently I removed the additional parameters and then when I tried to connect it connected without asking for a username and password.

    So there appears to be some bug here. Also why does the Profiles dialog not have fields for username and password like FTP, WebDAV and Dropbox do?

    I'l see if I can wipe the stored information and replicate it. When I have a chance I'll see if it also behaves the same from Linux and OS X.

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    I don't know what would have caused it to hang. If it happens again the best thing to do would be to capture the command line that it launched svn.exe with using Process Explorer and then try running that from the command line.

    I've updated our authentication handling to detect those error messages so it should reprompt in the next release. Whatever version of svn I originally tested with didn't have such explicit error codes.

    Finally BC doesn't store your username and password itself. If you enter them when prompted and check the "Save password" checkbox we adjust the command line we pass to svn.exe so that it will store them in its own authentication cache instead.
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