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Bug? Comparing in Visual Studio

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  • Bug? Comparing in Visual Studio

    I'm using Visual Studio 2013. I'll look up a shelve set by someone other than me. I'll open up the details to view the file list. I'll right click a file and select "Compare with Unmodified Version". This launches BC4 and seems to work fine. I'll right click the same file and select"Compare with Workspace Version". This launches BC4, but compares against the Unmodified version I was just shown however I know I've made local changes to this file.

    Can someone else confirm that this is a bug? Or do I need to setup some setting somewhere?

    Using Version 4.0 (build 18847) on Windows 7. I had BC3 trail previously installed.

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    How have you configured Visual Studio to use Beyond Compare as the diff tool? Do you have it set to use BComp.exe and not BCompare.exe? This helps with multiple tabs but I haven't heard of a case where the VCS actually passes in the older file.

    As a compare tool, we are opening the files as they are passed to us. Visual Studio is serving up the file without local changes. BC3 and BC4 are separate installs; if you would like you can re-install the trial of BC3 to test against that as well to see if there is differing behavior. That could help us narrow down if it is a BC4 specific issue or from Visual Studio.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for replying Aaron.

      I haven't been able to reproduce this in either v3 or v4 since restarting my computer. I think I just needed to reboot after installing.

      If it happens again I'll compare with v3 and let you know all the details.