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How to use Beyond Compare 4 in eclipse with GIT on Linux platform 64bit

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  • How to use Beyond Compare 4 in eclipse with GIT on Linux platform 64bit

    Hi to all,
    I need help. I don’t know how to configure eclipse to use Beyond compare 4 on linux platform (64bit).
    I use GIT (version 1.9.1) as versioning system.

    There is a plugin, called “Beyond CVS Eclipse Plug-In, but it does not work with GIT.

    I also followed the instructions of this page
    But it works only with local files.

    moreover, it is not clear for me the instructions of the page

    Is there a way to use beyond compare inside eclipse having GIT?
    Thanks in advance. Leonardo
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    The only method we are aware of to incorporate with Git is to use the BeyondCVS plug-in. Otherwise, does Eclipse offer any other means to define an external diff tool? If so, we can incorporate and use those, as we do with these:

    We also have instructions on that page to define BC4 as Git's diff/merge tool in Linux, but this does not include Eclipse integration.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      thanks for your quick reply!
      I have just updated my previous post, in order to include the page you have linked.
      I have executed the instructions

      Confirm that "bcompare" can be launched from Terminal. Then in a console window enter:
      $ git config --global diff.tool bc3
      $ git config --global difftool.bc3 trustExitCode true
      To launch a diff using Beyond Compare, use the command "git difftool file.ext".

      but, unfortunately, it is not clear for me what I have to do after these instructions.
      what is changed inside eclipse after I ran these instructions in a shell. what is the next step?
      thank you for your patience, Leonardo


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        Sorry, those instructions aren't for Eclipse. I mentioned that section in case it helps call a Git Diff from the command line, outside of Eclipse. If Eclipse can hook into this with more recent versions, it might help, but I am not aware that it has this capability. The only method I know of to use a diff tool within Eclipse is BeyondCVS, which is a plug-in created by Chris and Nick of the open source community, and isn't managed by Scooter Software.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          after a lot of time, I found how to use Beyond compare inside Eclipse, in order to compare current file with GIT repository!

          1) install the plugin "External Compare - Eclipse Plugin". You can download it from

          2) copy the 'org.dw.externalcompare_1.5.1006.jar' file into eclipse plugin folder: /opt/eclipse/plugins

          3) under 'Windows/preferences' will now appear: “External Compare Plugin” option

          4) insert /usr/bin/bcompare in'Compare editor' field.

          5) now, default comparator will also open Beyond Compare.

          6) be aware that it will operate with TEMPORARY files (in /tmp/). After Beyond Compare has been closed, they will be DELETED from disk! Copy them first!

          I hope this helps!! Leonardo
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