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Mercurial + BC4: Marking conflict after a merge

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  • Mercurial + BC4: Marking conflict after a merge

    How to make BC4 mark all conflicts as resolved if a merge result is saved?

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    Our save command does not clear the conflict flag. Once you perform your save, is there an issue cropping up that prevents the merge?

    Which version of Mercurial are you using and how was it configured?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I'm using TortoiseHg.

      Right now when there's a conflict, BC4 is called up to do a 3-way merge. Once all the conflicts are resolved, mercurial is not informed that they are resolved so I have to manually issue the hg resolve -m command.

      I'd like it to behave like kdiff3 that comes preinstalled with TortoiseHg. If all the conflicts in a file has been edited and saved it'll be mark resolved automatically.

      Maybe my issue is similar to this thread?


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        Thanks for the clarification. BC4 does not currently support passing this information back, and does require the manual Resolve step after a merge. I'll add your example and suggestion to our wishlist. I do believe it is related to the previous thread, but that user never got back to us with more information unfortunately.
        Aaron P Scooter Software