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  • 2 Feature Requests?

    Good morning!

    I am using BC4.0 in Aptana Studio 3 (an Eclipse based editor) and have successfully setup Beyond Compare to diff and merge as my workflow requires. I have 2 small requests to be added to the command line switches.

    /swap - this will be just like pressing the swap button after the files are loaded and compared. Personal preference, but I like having my version of the file on the left and what I am comparing it to on the right. I realize I can easily change the variables during the Diff Tool configuration to get the behavior I want. Maybe a command line option to swap might be an easy thing to do. I've already setup a keyboard shortcut for the swap functionality.

    /diff - The other preference I have setup is to view all the content when difference comparing. I like seeing the full context of my source files. Could there be a command line switch to automatically goto to the first difference found? I know about the Next Difference setting in the options. When using the tool for non-code comparisons, I like starting at the top of the file to get that context of what type of document I am looking at (for example a word doc Title page). Again, a very minor personal preference type of thing, since I usually just press CTRL-N to jump to the first difference anyway.

    I feel silly talking about things so tiny and that are easily solvable through the UI and keyboard shortcuts. It really speaks to the completeness of the program and UI design that I am even talking about things so trivial.

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    For /swap, how did you configure the command line call for Aptana? Our parameters are: bcomp.exe Left Right, so you could swap the variables in the VCS configuration:
    bcomp.exe %2 %1 (depending on the variables used)

    For the /diff request, that's an interesting option to override the default behavior. I can't say if we'll be able to tackle this one, but I'll add this feedback to our Customer Wishlist. Our wishlist is not currently scheduled development, but a place our developers go for ideas for future features and enhancements.
    Aaron P Scooter Software