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How to integrate BC4 with TortoiseSVN for editing conflict

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  • How to integrate BC4 with TortoiseSVN for editing conflict


    I am using TortoiseSVN and one of the feature I really like is, if there is a conflict, they let you use the Edit Conflict (TortoiseSVN > Edit Conflict... in the context menu) feature to resolve any conflict between two versions. The only issue is whenever I want to use it, it works great for text files with TortoiseMerge application but every time I use Excel or Word document, I get the following error:
    The file '??????/file.xslx' is not a valid text file!

    I downloaded beyond compare 4 but not sure how to set it up to open the files with BC4 rather than TortoiseMerge.

    Please help.

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    Excel and Word files are technically binary files. That looks like a TortoiseSVN error message because it can only pass plain text files to a difftool for editing. If it didn't error out there, it would error out once it gets to BC4. While we support viewing Word and Excel files, we do not have the means to edit and convert back into the Word or Excel formats, so we have to open the comparison as Read Only.

    We wouldn't be able to make edits to resolve the conflicts for Word or Excel. It's support we would like to add, but is a large project we won't be able to tackle soon.

    We have instructions to set up BC4 as your Diff or Mergetool here:
    Aaron P Scooter Software