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  • TFS and Folder Compare?

    We are going thru the process of procuring BC Pro v4 and our group has some pretty extensive batch processes for running both folder compares and individual compare of all files in folders - comparing differing lanes/environments. We want to add TFS as just another "lane" so that we can compare Dev, or UAT, or Prod folders to the TFS equivilent folders so we can easily determine which file is more recent.

    Also, extra credit - V3 does not seem to offer this, will v4 (or v4.1) provide a count of mismatches per file in a folder compare summary? We have some files that we cannot provide any convenient mask to ignore but we know how many rows have that mismatch per file so if it always said count=2 then we know we don't really have to drill into compare to actually look at differences, we could programatically consider that compsare a match.
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    Our command line supports either launching into the graphical comparison given targets, or launch into scripting mode which will automate a folder-report creation or sync. Scripting capabilities are documented in the Help menu -> Contents (F1), Using Beyond Compare -> Automating with Script chapter. What output were you looking for from the command line? I would recommend loading the graphical interface first, as any automating would have the same capabilities but wouldn't display as much feedback or preview information.

    BC4 does not support an Undo command, so please test with test data or already backed up data.

    If you select files in the Folder Compare (BC3 or BC4), using the Expand All command, then Select All Files command, then right click or Actions menu -> File Compare Report on the selection, you can generate the Summary report to display the summary of differences within the selected files. How does this work for you?
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