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Compare session ends on first file, SVN command line version for WINDOWS 7

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  • Compare session ends on first file, SVN command line version for WINDOWS 7

    Hi Guys,

    Previously I've been using BC4 with Tortoise on WINDOWS 7, works pretty nice.

    Recently I'm thinking of switching to command line SVN on WINDOWS 7. The configuration I'm using is based on:

    Here is my workflow:

    1. checkout my codebase into a local folder;
    2. open command line prompt on current folder, type in "svn diff .";
    3. now BC4 will launch with the first changed file opened;
    4. close BC4, the compare session will also end. But I acutally expect to see the rest of the modified files....;

    Is there anything I need to configure?


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    On the command line, are we issuing a return code? This may be causing the diff to error out before moving to the next file. If you alter the .bat and add "return 0" as the last line, that will override our return code.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks Aaron,

      After some googling, the solution I'm using is exactly as you suggested: adding "exit 0" as the last line for bc4svn.bat. Now after I'm done with one file and close the BC4 window, a new BC4 window will jump out automatically with the next changed file. For me this workflow is better than using BC with TortoiseSVN, in that case after I close the BC4, I have to double click the next changed file to invoke another BC4 window.

      In the case of cygwin, adding "return 0" as the last line of does the trick, how ever a warning line like this will be printed out.

      ": numeric argument required~1/ line 2: return: 0
      /cygdrive/c/Progra~2/Beyond~1/ line 2: return: can only `return' from a function or sourced script"


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        I've done some experimenting and I think this bat might be a good replacement for bc4svn.bat (placed in the BC4 Install direcotry next to Bcompare.exe):
        call "%~dp0\bcomp.exe" "%6" /title1=%3 "%7" /title2=%5
        IF %errorlevel%==0 goto ZERO
        EXIT /B 1
        EXIT /B 0
        Aaron P Scooter Software