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View Patch in BC from unapplied patch in TortoiseHG / Mercurial / MQ

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  • View Patch in BC from unapplied patch in TortoiseHG / Mercurial / MQ

    BC4 has a View Patch feature.

    In TortoiseHG / Mercurial there's the MQ extension that can work with patch files.

    I frequently have old patches there that I can't and don't want to apply anymore, but want to view. I would like to view them in BC4 with the new View Patch feature.

    How can I do that?

    I configured BC4 as the Visual Diff tool and the Three Way Merge tool in TortoiseHG.
    Ideally I would like to right click an unapplied patch in TortoiseHG and select "View in BC". That doesn't seem to exist though, or does it?

    If it did exist, what would TortoiseHG have to do to invoke BC4 in View Patch mode?

    Can I configure a custom toolbar button in TortoiseHG to do what I want?

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    Our View Patch tool currently supports .diff and .patch extensions. The MQ file is a container above this that can contain multiple .diff or .patches, specifically designed for Mercurial. If you launch Mercurial's MQ viewing tools, and select individual .diff or .patches within, are you able to trigger a 3-way merge from this view (using BC4 defined as the 3 way merge tool)? We don't support opening MQ files directly. Do you have a sample MQ file you could post or email in to [email protected], including a link back to this forum thread?
    Aaron P Scooter Software