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Diff files in a clearcase snapshot leads to a three way merge

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  • Diff files in a clearcase snapshot leads to a three way merge


    if I try to diff files from a clearcase snapshot view in Linux, BC4 opens up with the three-way-merge instead of the two.way.diff. The behaviour is exactly described in this old thread (with the only difference that the thread describes the problem in Windows while I get the error in Linux):
    - If got this error on two different Linux machines. One has BC 4.0.7 installed, the other one BC 4.1.1
    - Trying to diff the same file under Windows (with BC 4.0.7) works correctly.
    - Using a dynamic view instead of a snapshot view (either Windows or Linux) also works.
    - Using BC3 instead of BC4 also works regardless of the kind of operating system and the kind of view.

    Is there any option or environment variable to be set? Or what else might be wrong with my installation?

    Thanks for any help!

    Best regards,

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    Sounds like we aren't detecting Clearcase correctly, or Clearcase hasn't set up its variables as expected.

    Could you run set and let us know which CLEARCASE_ variables are present?
    Is [email protected]@ ?
    Which version of Clearcase are you running?

    You can post any information here or email us privately. If you email us, please include a link back to this forum thread for our reference.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hello Aaron,

      we use Clearcase
      In the environment "ATRIAHOME", "CLEARCASEHOME" and "CLEARCASE_GROUPS" is set .
      We also tried setting "CLEARCASE_HOME" (because I read about that in another thread) but that didn't help.

      "CLEARCASE_XN_SFX" is not set (as far as I know, it's only present if you start a trigger or something like that) but the delimiter for version extended pathnames is "@@".


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        Without Clearcase_xn_sfx = we should default to @@, and if there is any variable with CLEARCASE_ we detect Clearcase, and should be working. Your variables look ok (from what we know of Clearcase, unfortunately we do not have access to a trial for direct access).

        Could we get a copy of the actual command line passing to BC4? To get this information, please edit your usr/bin/bcompare script. Around line 44 we have a while loop to get all of the ARGS. Right after the line "done" and above "/bin/bash -c exec .....", insert a new line:
        echo $ARGS

        Then launch your diff from the Terminal to see the echo output. Please email this in to [email protected] with a link back to this forum thread for our reference.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          For other users running into this forum thread.

          Just received your email. We missed one other bit of information we need. Reviewing the args list, we also need: echo $0
          If you could also add this line (which can be done right next to the other echo command), and then email that information in, that would help us track this down.

          Also, I'd like to double check that you have configured Clearcase following the instructions here and edited your map file:

          If using a different method, how have you configured Clearcase to use an external tool?
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            BC 4.1.4 has fixed an issue with Clearcase on Linux. You can update on our Downloads page or the Check for Updates to apply the new version.
            Aaron P Scooter Software