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    Team Scooter

  • Chris
    You might try a manual mergetool definition as documented in the GitHub for Windows topic on our website.

    Regular Git (non-GitHub) should also use settings in the .gitconfig file. In the cmd = section of the instructions, add the command line switches you want to use.

    For expand all, an alternate option is to change the default Folder Compare session settings. Run Beyond Compare. In the Home view's saved sessions list, expand New. Select Folder Compare. Click Edit Defaults. Go to the Handling tab. Check Expand subfolders when loading session, then Save.

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  • raleighr3
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  • raleighr3
    started a topic Git for windows options

    Git for windows options

    I am using bc Version 4.2.7 (build 23425)
    and Git for windows version

    I have setup my global gitconfig to use bc for both diffs and merging, and that all works fine. However I would like to be able to pass the
    parameter as well as set the left and right titles. I don't see any mechanism to do this, is it possible?