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Feature Request: comparing Changesets in BCompare.exe

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    Team Scooter

  • Aaron
    Some VCS can display a directory diff using local files to represent the two folders, such as Git using --dir-diff. For setting this up with or without symlinks, you can follow either answer here:
    (using the BC4 Follow Symbolic Links option, or the Git --no-symlinks option.

    I do not believe TFS has a similar layout, but if it can call a diff of two folders to represent the changeset, then BC4 could diff it. Alternatively, you could perform two temporary checkouts of each revision, then diff the temp revision folders.

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  • johnlau7
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  • Feature Request: comparing Changesets in BCompare.exe


    Is it possible to connect Beyond Compare to a source control system and display all the files in a Changeset. The file on the left would display the previous version of the file and the one on the right would display the new version.

    I use Visual Studio connected to TFS as my source control, and it's tedious to right click on each file to compare with the previous version. Using Beyond Compare within my IDE helps, but it could be better.

    If not already a feature, can you please add it!