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Resolving conflicting image files during a Git merge

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  • Resolving conflicting image files during a Git merge

    I have Beyond Compare configured as my Git merge tool. When I merge a branch that has conflicting image files (PNG files, in my case), BC displays the two images side-by-side, and the title says "Picture Compare". The screen I see looks like this:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 7.41.07 AM.png
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    In my case, I would like to tell Git to keep the REMOTE file rather than the LOCAL file. How can I do this in Beyond Compare? I clicked around, didn't see anything helpful, and eventually exited BC. My Git merge then said:

    merge of .../ic_launcher_foreground.png failed
    Continue merging other unresolved paths [y/n]? y

    I'm sure I can resolve this via the command line in Git, but I'd like to use BC to view the images and select which one to keep, if possible. Thanks for any suggestions!
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    Unfortunately not. BC4's Text Merge (or a parent Folder Merge that was manually launched) are the only sessions that support merge output commands. When passing in (assumingly) 3 parameters of picture files, BC4 launches the Picture Compare with only the first 2 (the third would have been the common Ancestor). This diff view has no merge controls and can't update the merge process.

    You can review the diff, but would need to back out and re-attempt any binary files with the internal git commands after resolving any of the text merges.
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      Okay, thanks for letting me know!