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Perforce source control integration?

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  • Perforce source control integration?

    The support page about how to set up perforce integration is pretty out of date:
    Beyond Compare Technical Support (

    It requires P4SCC which has not been available or supported for a number of years. Are there any plans to update the integration? It would make my life so much easier. Thanks.

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    BC4's Source Control Integration still requires that API, so we'd have to have access to a plug-in that provides it for Perforce. We are aware that API is depreciated and is less commonly supported. If added, it allows Check Out and other commands to be accessible directly on BC4's menus when interacting with the defined folder.

    These days, it's a bit more common to define BC4 as the difftool for a specific version control, such as:
    and if the version control exposes commands on the Windows right-click menu, that is accessible within BC4 from the right-click menu -> Explorer -> submenu.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Got it, thanks. Yes, BC is my diff/merge tool in P4V, but I also commonly use it for folder merges in large codebases, in this case Unreal Engine engine upgrades and third party software integrations into the engine. If BC allowed me to check out the files I'm merging it would significantly speed up my workflow. It would be a very slow process to browse to every file in P4V and check it out as I go, so typically I end up just making the files writeable and then run a reconcile in P4V to catch the changes. But again, reconciles can also be a very slow process because the engine folder alone is several hundred thousand files and about 50GB on disk.


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        You should be able to set something up using Beyond Compare's "Open With" support with the p4 command line client:

        That will add the menu items to the top of the Actions menu under the "Open With" submenu. It won't be as seamless as the MSSCCI support, unfortunately, and we are tracking requests for better integrations for various version control systems, but hopefully it'll be workable.
        Zoë P Scooter Software


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          Ha, I had never noticed the custom Open With actions in the Options menu. That worked perfectly. Thanks, problem solved!