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Replace unresolved conflicts with 'LOCAL' rather than the 'BASE' version

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  • Replace unresolved conflicts with 'LOCAL' rather than the 'BASE' version

    We are using Beyond Compare 4 with GitLab. When performing merging in Git, if there are conflicts for a file which are not automatically resolved, the local and remote copies of file opens in Beyond Compare along with the common ancestor version (BASE).

    If we are manually resolving one of the multiple conflicts within a file by choosing the server copy, and ‘Save’ the file in Beyond Compare, then for other conflicts in the file, the common ancestor version replaces the conflict lines in the local copy.

    Is there a way to make the beyond compare tool replace the remaining unresolved lines within the file, with the existing local version itself?

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    No, BC4's Text Compare does not have a configuration to pick which default input for conflicts. It has to pick one to populate the Output, so the center is the default with the expectation that it will be resolved before saving. It's on our wishlist to allow the Favor Side to possibly help in this scenario, but that's not a feature we'll be able to tackle short-term.

    The bottom status bar helps let you know if there are any remaining conflicts in the file, and you can use the toolbar or hotkeys to navigate to them directly, Take a side (or a This then That from the Edit menu), and navigate through until no conflicts remain. The toolbar buttons themselves also color slightly differently depending on if there are any conflicts remaining in that direction.

    BC4 is also a bit lax about Saving, and doesn't force resolving all conflicts before a save (another item on our wishlist to look into), so please do resolve or review all conflicts before issuing the Save command.
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