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Using BC4 for a Subversion file delete?

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  • Using BC4 for a Subversion file delete?

    I am using BC4 on Windows to compare two folder structures, the old is a Subverion repo, the new is an extracted tarball. There are hundreds of files in the old repo that are not in the new. I need to delete them from subversion, is there some way to use BC4 to do that?

    My first thought was to generate a report of all the old files, put them into a txt file and build a batch file that deleted them. I saw something in the help about creating a batch file, but I cannot find the option under the Actions menu.

    Then I saw the "Tools > Source Control Integration..." Opened that up but was clueless how to get it configured.

    Is there a third way?

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    The Tools -> Source Control Integration dialog requires MSSCCI support, which subversion does not support out of the box (and is depreciated by Microsoft as well). My recommendation would be to use BC4's interface to limit the view to the specific files (filtering and comparison), then Edit menu -> Expand All, Edit menu -> Select All Files, Shift+Left Arrow to slide the selection. This should leave you with only the selection of the files you want to delete. If you right-click -> Explorer -> you can then access any items on your context menu, such as programs like TortoiseSVN, which could execute this style of command.
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      Thank you, that worked perfectly!