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Kolumn i Excel markeras som skillnad

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  • Kolumn i Excel markeras som skillnad

    Spännande och se om det blir något svar här. Länge sedan det var någon aktivitet.

    Jag jämför två Excel-filer och flera kolumner markeras med skillnader (röd kvadrat framför rubriken för kolumnen). Men för en av kolumnerna hittar jag inga skillnader. Går det att på något sätt få fram vilka rader som är olika för en specifik kolumn?

    Jag kör Windows och har version 4 av standard BC.


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    Thanks for the suggestion. We don't currently have this style of command, but it's something we want to look into on our Customer Wishlist.
    Tack för förslaget. Vi har för närvarande inte den här kommandotypen, men det är något vi vill undersöka på vår kund önskan.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      and thanks for the answer!

      I would really appreciate if that feature is introduced soon. I have a great need to search for data in specific columns in Excel. Now I resolve it by saving the file as a txt-file and then using regular expressions, but it's time-consuming.

      But I wonder if BC has a defect because I do not expect differences in a column marked with differences and when I scroll through I see no difference. It's a big file though, so there is a smal risk that I have missed it. But I searched several of times.

      / Catarina


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        The best you can do in the current version of Beyond Compare:

        Select View > Columns.
        Click the Only Mark Different button.
        Click OK.
        Select View > Show Differences.

        The above instructions will only display rows and columns with differences.
        Det bästa du kan göra i den nuvarande versionen av Beyond Compare:

        Välj Visa> Kolumner.
        Klicka på knappen Markera bara markera.
        Klicka på OK.
        Välj Visa> Visa skillnader.

        Ovanstående instruktioner visar bara rader och kolumner med skillnader.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Ah, so it's possible to "hide" columns, I was not aware of that. I tried this and it's a bit easier to spot differences. But I still had to scroll through 1 000 rows because it does not show only the differences for the particular column I have chosen.

          And I still find no differences. So I really start believing that there is an defect in Beyond Compare. (I took help from the son and his mate so we were three pairs of eyes who scanned the data.)

          Thank's for the input anyway!
          / Catarina
          Ps. I realized that in addition to being able to search in a specific column, I would really appreciate the ability to filter data.


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            Sorry for the confusion. The issue is that the Hide command does not change the Comparison Status of the Rows, so Next Difference Row will still go to the next red row, even if the difference is currently a hidden column (since the entire row is still red). It is on our wishlist to add the additional navigation commands you suggest, and I have added your notes to that entry on the subject.
            Aaron P Scooter Software